State Inspections

We offer state inspections in Ewa Beach, HI.  We assist with make sure your vehicle runs efficiently and minimizing the negative impact on the environment.  Stop by and see us for your state inspection in Ewa Beach, HI, today!

Pricing for your Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection in Ewa Beach, HI, is as follows:

  • Vehicle Inspection: $19.19
  • Vehicle Inspection with Tint: $24.19
  • Trailers: $13.24

Payment is required regardless of whether your vehicle passes of fails inspection.  Failed vehicles are given 30 days to perform corrections and return to the originating inspecting station to complete the vehicle inspection at no additional charge.

We require you to bring in the following forms (We cannot accept fax copies, Xerox copies, emails, or mobile devices.):

  • Current Hawaii Insurance Cards (Hard copy with watermark)
  • Motor Vehicle Registration